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“OES” is one of the growing business house established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fully owned by a Saudi Entity.”OES” Oil & Gas services are based on the experience and marketing edge of its dynamic youth professionals having intensive local/international experience in the Oil & Gas Industries. It is also be supported by UITC edge in marketing intelligence.”OES” depends on its quality services & products
Mud Engineering Services   Drilling Fluid & Production Chemicals Supply
OES Established the first 100% Saudi Mud Engineers Company with 100% Saudi investments provided reliable, high quality & customized drilling fluids services to our clients in confidence of high Quality standards and HSE regulations.

OES has an exclusive agency agreements with Internationally recognized Mud Chemicals Manufactures to OES on supply: Full Range of Water Base Mud Chemicals , Oil Bas mud Product, Completion Fluid Product, LCM Materials, Cement Additives and Production Chemicals.

A geophone is a small, cheap instrument for measuring ground motion. There are many different varieties for different applications.
Twin Screw Pump & Down Hole Cavity Pump

OES has an exclusive agency agreement with the major manufacturer of Twin srew Pump & Down Hole Cavity pump, OES supply high quality pumps with very competitive prices.

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Mud Chemicals Manufacturing
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Oil Country Tubular Good ( OCTG)
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